Types of Therapy

Individual Adult Therapy

Whether you are going through a difficult life transition, experiencing burn out, anxiety, or depression we are here for you. Our individual adult therapy services provide you with the support and empathy that you need to improve your quality of life.

Couples Counseling

Whether you're in a new relationship or one that has lasted for decades, sometimes you just need a third party to help you resolve some underlying conflicts and issues. Our couples counseling focuses on support couples improve communication skills, understand each other's love languages, and reduce underlying tensions and conflict.


Infertility affects 1 in 10 couples in the USA and is one of the fastest rising medical issues that couples have to face. From the diagnosis, to the treatments, to the hundreds of acronyms, and thousands of dollars that a couple has to spend to finally have a biological child the process can be overwhelming to say the least. Our therapists are not only trained to support you through this extremely challenging time in your life but multiple therapists have undergone fertility treatments themselves giving them a greater understanding of the fertility process.


Positive Parenting

Parenting is one of the few milestones that most adults face with the least amount of training. Parenting can bring up feelings of anxiety, helplessness, sadness, and confusion. Our team of therapists are here to support you in your parenting no matter where you are. All of our therapists have training in parenting interventions and most are parents themselves so our guidance and support is not only based in knowledge but also experience.

Family Therapy Between Adults

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days. Between blended families, multiple generations living under the same roof, and adult siblings who are reconciling after a childhood of competition, there are many reasons why adult family members don't get along but want to. We offer family therapy between adults as a way to support families in coming together and learning to heal from a history of trauma, negative past relationships, or triggers.

Women's Health

Our team of female therapists are here to support you no matter what women's health issue you are facing (hormonal changes, pregnancy, postpartum depression, menopause, etc...). We are here to listen to your concerns, and support you in managing your thoughts and feelings. We will help you create realistic and compassionate expectations for yourself that will empower you to live your best life without judgement and criticism.

Military Families

Military families face certain challenges and life stressors that the civilian population simply doesn't have to. Between the fears around deployment, the frequent family relocations, and the increase in deployments since the Iraq war, Military families face more stressors than ever before. We have specialized training in supporting you and your military family as you face these challenges.