Krista Harper

Licensed in Georgia and Hawaii

About Me

You are feeling completely overwhelmed as you try to keep too many balls up in the air, and it feels like you are constantly dropping them. You’re trying to manage it all, but it’s leaving you feeling like you are still not good enough. You have friends and family you can talk to, but you are starting to feel like a burden. To make matters worse, your short fuse is causing you to act in ways you are not proud of, leaving you feeling guilty. All you want is to balance it all in a way that makes you feel proud, and when you fall short, you find yourself feeling ashamed and alone. After trying so hard to keep up, your cup is empty.

You want to stop feeling like you’re drowning, and you want to feel like you're thriving again. You want to feel proud of yourself, and you want your loved ones to feel proud of you, too. You want to release this guilt and find joy. Life is too precious to feel this way, and together we can help you move forward, feel empowered, and get your life back.

I truly love this work, and I am honored by each client who trusts me with their story and their struggles. My goal is to support you as you explore what is troubling you and to help you feel like your best self. I want you to feel that you can approach all that life throws at you with coping skills, confidence, and a strong support system.

I enjoy working with people facing all sorts of challenges, and I have a special interest in supporting clients dealing with stressful life transitions, women’s issues, low self-esteem, and military families. Additionally, I have received training through Postpartum Support International and enjoy working with new mothers in the prenatal and postpartum periods as they navigate the transition to parenthood.


Female (Age 35)


February 2020

I feel like Krista is easy to talk to and connect with.

Female (Age 32)


February 2020

Krista is easy to open up to and always provides an authentic and helpful response. She understands what I’m trying to say and helps me process the root of it. She pushes me to confront what I need to work on while being kind and empathetic. She always remembers what we have talked about in previous sessions which shows me she is prepared and cares about our work together. She is trustworthy and safe and amazing and I don’t know what I would have done without her this year.

Male (Age 35)


February 2020

She is able to relate to my experiences as she is a military spouse.

Female (Age 39)


February 2020

Krista has a way of making me feel deeply understood without feeling like what I'm working on is boring or trivial.

Female (Age 20)


February 2020

Krista is very easy to talk to and it has taken away so many of my nerves going into our sessions. I actually come out of our sessions feeling as though I have something to work on, and not coming out feeling distraught.


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