Krista Harper

Licensed in Georgia and Hawaii

About Me

You are feeling completely overwhelmed as you try to keep too many balls up in the air, and you feel like you are constantly dropping them. You’re trying to manage it all, but it’s leaving you feeling like you are still not good enough. You have friends and family you talk to, but you are starting to feel like a burden. To make matters worse, your short fuse is causing you to act in ways you are not proud of, leaving you feeling guilty. All you want is to escape, and you find yourself alienating from your family and friends.
You want to stop feeling like you’re drowning, and you want to feel like you are thriving again. You want to feel proud of yourself, and you want your loved ones to feel proud of you, too. Life is too precious to feel this way, and together we can get help you move forward, feel empowered, and get your life back.
Because I know your life is so busy, I don’t want to make things more complicated with office visits. Instead, all of our sessions will take place over video calls or phone calls. To make things even easier, you don't even have to call me to make the appointment. Simply click on book now and schedule your first appointment.


  1. Interviewed by Krystal Woods of Aligned Motherhood Podcast. Maternal Mental Health with Krista Harper, LMFT. July 19th, 2019.





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