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Guest Speaking

We offer an array of guest speaking options for your company to support your employee's mental health. Research shows that the most productive employees are those who have a balanced life, are able to cope with stress appropriately, and have positive mental health. Please contact Linda Meier Abdelsayed to discuss your company's specific needs for a guest speaker.


Recent Guest Speaking Engagements:

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Work-Life Balance for Parents

In October 2019 Linda Meier Abdelsayed participated in Hulu's Wellness Week by providing a lunch time talk on work-life balance for parents. Throughout this talk she provided information on healthy expectations for work-life balance, strategies to improve work quality, strategies to improve life quality, and then an open discussion about what it means to be a working parent.


Teletherapy - Riding the Wave of the Future

In May 2019, Linda Meier Abdelsayed presented at the 5th Annual Research & Project Symposium at Pepperdine University about creating and running a HIPAA compliant multi-state Teletherapy practice to fellow clinicians and staff. In her presentation she highlighted legal and ethical concerns, social media marketing, and creating a HIPAA compliant teletherapy practice.