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Guest Speaking

We offer an array of guest speaking options for your company to support your employee's mental health. Research shows that the most productive employees are those who have a balanced life, are able to cope with stress appropriately, and have positive mental health. Please contact Linda Meier Abdelsayed to discuss your company's specific needs for a guest speaker.


Recent Guest Speaking Engagements:


Mental Health for Medical Residents

Each year, Linda Meier Abdelsayed provides a two hour mental health lecture to Emergency Department Residents at Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs, CA. The lectures consist of providing personalized mental health strategies for residents and change annually based on resident needs. Topics have included managing PTSD and Depression in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, challenging unrealistic negative thinking, and increasing relaxation skills.

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Work-Life Balance for Parents

In October 2019 Linda Meier Abdelsayed participated in Hulu's Wellness Week by providing a lunch time talk on work-life balance for parents. Throughout this talk she provided information on healthy expectations for work-life balance, strategies to improve work quality, strategies to improve life quality, and then an open discussion about what it means to be a working parent.


Teletherapy - Riding the Wave of the Future

In May 2019, Linda Meier Abdelsayed presented at the 5th Annual Research & Project Symposium at Pepperdine University about creating and running a HIPAA compliant multi-state Teletherapy practice to fellow clinicians and staff. In her presentation she highlighted legal and ethical concerns, social media marketing, and creating a HIPAA compliant teletherapy practice.