Erin Fagbuyi

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Licensed in: Arkansas / District of Columbia / Maryland / Michigan


phone: (202) 618-9980

About Me

Life is hard, no matter who you are. We are meant to be in a relationship but that doesn’t mean relationships are easy. So often we feel inadequate, insignificant, and powerless in our relationships. Be it a 2-day relationship, or a 20-year relationship, those feelings still persist. You are feeling stuck, and don’t really know what to do next. You’re feeling beat down because you’re not getting what you need or can’t seem to make your partner happy. You are feeling alone with this and don’t have anyone who you can talk to about this. You are starting to shut down at home to protect yourself from the pain and it only seems to get worse. You’re just tired.

You want to be heard and understood. You just want to be seen again. You want to know that what you’re saying matters, that you matter. But you also want solutions. Real life solutions that are actually going to work for you and your partner. You want to see change happen and you want it happen quickly. You want some relief.

My areas of expertise include:

  • relationship counseling
  • women's issues
  • parenting
  • anxiety
  • depression

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