Life is hard. We all face challenges. But that doesn't mean you have to face them alone. Our goal is to support you in improving your quality of life.

We are here to provide nonjudgemental support to help you through your struggles and help you become your best self. We use a modern collaborative therapy approach that follows your pace and create a customized treatment approach to meets your individual needs.

What makes us unique is that we ONLY provide video therapy calls. You won't have to take off work to come to a stuffy office or waste your time commuting to see us. The video calls allow you to get the help you need, when you need it, in the most efficient way possible.

What is Smart Talk?


Appointments are scheduled directly with your therapist depending on your availability and your therapist's. Please click on your location to get more information on your therapist and to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Live Video Therapy




Licensed Clinicians

Stigma Free

What We Are:

We are a boutique appointments only online practice. We specialize in working with adults who are going through difficult life transitions or have other mild to moderate mental health concerns that they would like to work on.

What We Are Not:

We are NOT a crisis center, emergency hotline, or 24 hour mental health service. If you are feeling suicidal please call the national suicide prevention hotline at (800) 273-8255. Due to the nature of teletherapy we cannot provide mental health support to people with moderate to severe mental health concerns.

Female Owned, Female Ran

Smart Talk prides itself on being a female owned and entirely female ran company. When you support all-female companies, you are investing in women's economic empowerment, gender parity, and a more egalitarian future.

"Women reinvest up to 90 percent of their income in their families and communities, compared to 40 percent for men." The love you give, is the love you get.

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